Customize Portal Session Timeout Message

Sometimes client would like to customise the default message displayed when WebSphere portal session time’s out.

It can be done by following below steps

  1. Extract the file to the portal_server_root/shared/app/nls directory.
  2. Edit and change the “error.timeout” parameter to the message that you want to be displayed when session expires.
  3. Save and close
  4. Restart portal server.

For multilingual sites, the file can have a language suffix corresponding to the locale, for example, for Spanish.

error.timeout = You are too much time away from desk .. your session expired {0}.
error.timeout.answer = If a session is inactive too long, it is terminated for security reasons. Please log in again.

I think there are other ways to do as well which I did not test , like modifying properties  wp.ui.jar in C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\WebSphere\PortalServer\ui\wp.ui\shared\app



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